Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum or maximum number of guests i can have to book 'The Glitter Girlz'?

There is no maximum or minimum requirement. Just tell us the number of guests or tickets sold at your event and we will arrange the rest.
Obviously the larger your party or event - the more staff will be required and this will reflect in your personalised quote.
We are always aware the not every person at you event will want glitter and this is always taken into concideration when quoting

How are The Glitter Girlz different from other Glitter makeup artists?

We ONLY use bio glitter and natural products where possible. Enabling us to glitter with out guilt and shine without shame! 
We also have total freedom of movement around your venue as we have no need for a table, stand or bar that takes up valuable party space.
This also allows us to find custom in all areas of your event or venue... NO ONE CAN HIDE FROM THE GLITTER GIRLZ!!

Which payment methods does The Glitter Girlz accept?

We will require a deposit to book and confirm your event. This can be paid via cash, cheque or BACS.
The remainder of any balance is due on day of the event via the above methods

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